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About Us


WELS is a comprehensive data system for early childhood and has a proven track record of integrating data from diverse data systems, providing an easy system designed for providers, quality improvement specialists, and other stakeholders, streamlining and improving the quality improvement process, and tracking data over time to inform decisions.

Our Vision

Elevate care and education for children, families, educators, and communities.

WELS Vision

Our Mission

Provide tools to support excellence in child development and early learning.

Core Values

We care foremost about children, families, and educators.

We value partnerships with clients and communities that help drive positive change in early education.

We support connections in early education.

We provide a comfortable and enriching work environment for our employees.

We encourage creative and Innovative solutions.

We lift each other by caring and sharing.

We facilitate access by reducing barriers.

Our Goals

Create and sustain a culture of innovation.

Provide excellence supporting our clients.

Develop and share expertise to help families and communities.

Cultivate a family- friendly work environment.

Contribute to society.

Use automation to optimize effectiveness of the early learning community.

Corporate Partners


As the trusted leader in CLASS-driven measurement and mentoring, Teachstone has the proven expertise schools need to nurture better student outcomes, one classroom at a time.


Teachers College Press is a leading publisher of award-winning educational material for teachers, parents, and school leaders, since 1904.


The Children’s Forum provides leadership, education, services and advocacy to achieve accessible, affordable, quality child care, early learning and afterschool services for all children.


MERIT (Managed Education and Registry Information Tool) is an online portal that helps professionals in the field of early care and education in Washington.

Our Team

Heidy Valdes

Chief Experience Officer
Loyal | Enthusiastic | Honest

Sandra Gutierrez

Project Manager
Engaged | Results-Oriented | Resourceful

Abel Ferro

System & Product Designer
Think | Create | Repeat

Sandro Perez

Full Stack Software Developer
Busy | Fish | Suffice

Anniel Apolinario

Software Developer
Learn | Solve | Build

Herbert Cabrera

Working | Thinking | Doing

Jorge Castañeda

Software Developer
Adaptable | Reliable | Bold

Al Santaballa

Senior Software Developer
Creative | Flexible | Quirky

Emily Snowden

Educator Support
Caring | Ardent | Pragmatic

Karen Clay

Senior Software Developer
Lefty | Innovative | Learn

Muriel Wong

Early Learning/CQI Guru
Engaging | Creative | Spirit

Mike Cullen

Client Liaison Support Manager
Loyal | Interpersonal | Flexible

Carlos Valdes

Chief Thank You Officer
Seek | Build | Play

Natalia Coletti

Competent | Intuitive | Curious

Bruce Fuller

Software Engineer / Data Architect
Customer | Focused | Quality

Bobbi Silver

Documentation Writer/Trainer
Envelope | Exemplify | Exudes

John Fiedler

President / Project Charter / Contracts
Introspective | Curious | Analytical
Ernesto Santos

Ernesto Santos

Software Developer / Support Specialist
Reliable | Perseverant | Mellow

Daniel Amaral

Support Specialist
Reliable | Learner | Critical Thinker

Victor Vento

Software Developer
Meticulous | Collaborative | Passionate
Alberto Valdes

Alberto Valdes

Technical & Application / Support Engineer
Supportive | Helpful | User-Focused

Chris Comerford

HR Coordinator
KIS (Keep it Simple) | Practical | Birdie