Know WELS in details

WELS Advantage

We have over 10 years of experience working on WELS and we’ve poured all that know-how into creating the best flexible web-based QRIS Data system available today.


Consolidated Data

Experts on consolidating data and interfacing techniques are as flexible as the data sources allow.


Real-time web service transfers, interoperable credential services interfaces.

FTP Data

Regularly-scheduled FTP data file exchanges (as between Registries or assessment sources).


All scheduled uploads are monitored.

Data Warehouse

Ad/Hoc Analyses

PRISM is our data warehouse, supporting ad/hoc analyses through familiar Excel pivot table formats.


Dimensions include assessments, ratings, funding, staff, and demographics, and directly supports ad-hoc analysis.


All data is available for the range of Excel options.


Data can be imported into comprehensive analytical programs like SPSS or SAS for deeper analysis.


Central Repository

Central repository for all information needed for quality improvement and ratings.

Data Sharing

It allows users from all agencies within your jurisdiction to view the same data.

Website Integration

And we can integrate with your website.


Cloud-based Hosting

All WELS products are cloud-based, hosted and managed on our servers. Implementation is through the Web.

Custom Reports & Extensions

You can develop your own reports and make your own extensions.

Export Reports

Directly export reports in CSV, Excel, XML formats, or specially created data views for evaluation and research.