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WELS is a comprehensive data system for early childhood and has a proven track record of integrating data from diverse data systems, providing an easy system designed for providers, quality improvement specialists, and other stakeholders, streamlining and improving the quality improvement process, and tracking data over time to inform decisions.

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WELS provides services across the administrative and management spectrum.
WELS services support the required CCR&R functions, including child care search-referral, eligibility determination of families/children; agreements/contracts with program providers; management of attendance, invoices, payments, waitlists and slots available. WELS software interfaces with providers to stay up to date with the program profile, ages served, slots available, and attendance reporting for invoicing. WELS software can be customized to produce specific reports to funders and oversight offices.

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WELS supports a range of services critical for management of programs at the state or regional level. This may include the special WELS services of Quality Initiatives, Registry and Educator Career Development, application services for parents, provider supports including website development and a child care management package.

WELS offers a variety of services for early learning program providers. Providers can seamlessly communicate data to CCDF administrators in the interests of full enrollment and prompt reimbursement payments. Providers can access a range of child care management tools. WELS facilitates programs establishing a web presence from the WELS platform.

WELS provides a Registry linked with existing data sets that gathers information about the educators: demographics, work experience, education, training, scholarships, wage-incentives. The Registry may include approval processes for trainers and trainings, a training calendar, registration for classes and tracking of completion.

WELS provides customized entry to child care search functions nationwide, and offers access to application procedures and eligibility determination for CCDF state/federal child care subsidy and programs like Head Start/Early Head Start. Easy document uploading.

WELS includes a complete QRIS management package, or the pieces you need. WELS leaders redefine CQI-Continuous Quality Improvement as CAPEL- Continuous Appropriate Practices for Early Learning, and can share the training approach. QRIS services may include “Star” rating and/or other evaluation reports; quality assessments via CLASS, ERS, PAS/BAS (VINS-capable for offsite use); state-specific assessments; development and tracking of quality improvement plans plus TA and funding supports. Child developmental assessments tracking and reporting also available.

WELS early childhood data experts help you manage your programs and bring your data to life. The PRISM data warehouse supports interfacing, storing, analyzing and reporting to explore your data and generate reports. Pre-defined and customized Dashboard reports help track important data and help with your everyday tasks. Analysis tools are readily applied.

WELS includes site profiles and technical assistance/support — everything needed to consolidate information to generate an automated rating, create continuous quality improvement plans — and to track investments, supports, document progress, and outcomes over time.

Our QRIS (Quality Rating and Improvement System) module takes advantage of all data sources and automates a quality rating, based on QRIS standards. Explanations are provided about how each rating is achieved, and rating histories are readily available.

The PRISM data warehouse solution is a custom made star schema database made available online from a number of data sources. It is designed for users to mine their data and create ad-hoc reports.

Allows early childhood staff and trainers to manage their credentials and employment histories. Trainers can apply for certification, and approved trainers can manage their classes (schedule classes, manage enrollment, and record student performance). Early childhood staff can review the calendar and enroll in courses.

The Portal is a comprehensive tool for site directors and family child care providers. The portal allows providers to access and enter information, upload documentation, and collaborate on quality improvement efforts with coaches.

Educator Portal is a WEB Based Tool for entering assessment cycle data into WELS.

Monitoring Tool is …

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